Dining Reservation


Please note that dinner service is allocated 2 hours with the first reservation being 6.00pm. Please contact the restaurant directly should you have any special requests. Afterwards, diners are welcome to stay and enjoy a drink in the bar.


Your Guide to TwoFiftySquare's Dollard & Co. House Blend

We know how important coffee is…

So we’ve joined forces with TwoFifty Square Coffee. These guys roast their own selection of beans in their roastery in Rathmines and they’ve mastered the art of blending them to make the perfect cup of coffee. From flat whites to lattes and beyond, come in and try for yourself!

For those of you want to prepare the perfect cup of coffee at home we have a great selection of cafetieres, stovetop coffee makers and more. Plus, grab some great ground TwoFifty Square beans. Billy No Buzz is our favourite decaf!

Dollard & Co.’s house blend…

is a classic coffee flavour filled with natural sweetness. The freshest coffee roasted weekly using only the best beans from around the world. All of our coffee is roasted with love in Two Fifty Square, Rathmines, Dublin 6.

When will my house blend achieve peak flavour?

Single origins, blends, and espresso hit peak flavor at different paces and then stay at their “peak” range for two or three days. Try our coffee at different stages to experience their flavor evolution. (Then, throw out the rules and map your own preferences.) Please consume within two weeks of roast date.

When should I brew whole bean coffee?

You can start brewing whole bean coffee the day you buy it. Refer to the deliciousness matrix above to identify your coffee’s peak flavor range. If you buy espresso beans, a rest or “de-gassing” period is extra important for pulling a sublime shot.

When should I brew perfectly ground?

TwoFifty Square makes this all very simple, because we only grind the coffee used for it on the precise day that it is most delicious. Not a day sooner. (At some point, we’ll get this down to the hour.)
When you grab an envelope of TwoFifty Square , you’ll know you’re hitting peak flavor just by tearing it open.