Dining Reservation


Please note that dinner service is allocated 2 hours with the first reservation being 6.00pm. Please contact the restaurant directly should you have any special requests. Afterwards, diners are welcome to stay and enjoy a drink in the bar.



Introducing the BBQ Pack, a box full to the brim with all you need to create a show stopping BBQ in the safety of your own home. Includes a Grill Guide along with 4 homemade Irish Beef burgers, 4 Cajun marinated chicken breasts, 8 Irish pork sausages, 4 fluffy burger buns, cheddar cheese, homemade coleslaw, potato salad and 4 corn on the cobs. Including a tub of Tomahawk famous steak seasoning, and a selection of sauces (chipotle mayonnaise, homemade BBQ sauce & pepper sauce) and a roll of homemade bake at home cookie dough.


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